Looking after yourself is as important as looking after your patients.

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The links for securing your Nursebox open today and will remain active until the end of the month.  You can make sure you dont miss out by pre-ordering on the day. There are strictly limited numbers available after pre orders cl


Online Exclusive

Whats our story?

The Cause


Nursebox Australia believes in looking after yourself first. Have you ever heard the saying "You cant pour from an empty cup"

The contents of our boxes promote self care, wellness, health, beauty as well as including some essential nursing items we all need on shift and of course a snack or two. We aim to raise awareness of self care,  preventing burnout amongst our nursing community. By looking after ourselves first, we can pass on the best of ourselves as nurses to our patients 

Treat Yourself or Give a gift


Want to pay it forward? 

Say thank you to a nurse that cared for you? 

Treat your employee of the month? 

Lucky door prize or raffle?

Fundraise for that coffee machine? 

Congratulate the newly graduated nurse? 

 We can cater our Nursebox and Nursing supplies to your needs. Gift vouchers and gift for nurses and beauty products available and can be customized with card of choice. 

How it works

We releases a new nursebox with new products on the 16th of every month. We will reveal some content on our social media sites leading up to release day, the rest of the contents is a surprise delivered to your door! You wont be disappointed. To reserve your box orders are to be placed by the 30th of every month. There are strictly limited numbers of each box release. As always we offer free shipping Australia Wide. Nursing supplies gift for nurses and beauty add ons coming soon 

The Box Collection


May/June Nursebox Pre orders open 16th May. Stay in the loop and recieve your discount code for next month with our mailing list